All Investors Have a Serious Problem!

What’s the problem?

Well, here’s the deal… Recently I had the experience of having a stock go down 11.1% while I was holding it. That was over the course of 51 days holding time.

Thing is, even though the stock went from $65.81 to $58.53 a share… I made a small PROFIT on it. Not much, mind you… only 0.8 percent… but that’s better in 51 days than I could get at the bank, and a DARN sight better than a loss.

So what’s the problem again?

Oh, it’s not MY problem, it’s the problem of a lot of other folks. See, I’ve gotten so many thank you letters about my risk-cancelling system of trade management… that I’m wondering how many more folks out there need it.

There are a lot of folks for whom the problem has NOT been solved… of protecting their capital while staying invested in the market, looking for the inevitable comeback…

And I want to change that.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. And, yeah, sure, I DO have a product to sell. Actually, I have a few: a 240 page book, a comprehensive Seminar, a paid subscription service

… but here’s the thing: I give away the best part of my system FREE. All the time.

See, I believe that when you give away something of value and with no strings attached to folks that need it, that value always comes back to you.

Just think of Google if you don’t believe that… a whole multi-billion dollar industry based on getting the best and most current information available to folks who need it, and for nothing more than going to a single web page and typing in your search.

I like to do that with a little white paper that I call, “The Sketch“. Readers of The Sketch have reported to me that they’ve made or saved more money using my system than ANY of my paid products cost… and for that reason I still circulate it, no strings attached.

That’s where you come in. If you haven’t read The Sketch, or registered for one of our free webinars, I want you to do that right away. And if you already have checked out these informative and vital documents… pass it on.

These webinars will have TWO things in it that might be of interest to you and a friend: first, the breakdown of that trade I told you about earlier in this letter in which the stock I was holding went down by 11 percent, but I MADE money instead because of my “insurance policy” and a neat little jobbie I like to call “Income Method Number Six”.

The other thing that might be of interest is that I’ll putting together a trade for you to follow with me… LIVE… and see if what I say isn’t so. Right… I’m so confident that my system will perform that I’m willing to let everyone look over my shoulder while I do it.

You can pick up your copy of The Sketch here and now, and later, sit in on a live webinar.

Okay,  Thanks for reading to the bottom.

P.S. We NEED to get the word out to more people about the free materials… I have a way for folks to do much, much better with their stock investments… to stay OUT of trouble when the market goes against them, while staying in full position to do very, very well if it does go their way.

When I meet people and tell them what I do… MOST folks don’t know much about options. So I tell them that I teach people about “stock insurance”. They’re naturally curious and after about three minutes they invariably ask me, “Where were YOU ten months ago?!?”

Just imagine what happens when I say that some of my stocks that went down, actually GENERATED income for me in the meantime?

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