New Gamestop Corp. (GME) RPM in Plain Vanilla

I had Mike Chupka use a different tool on PowerOptions during our presentation this afternoon…in addition to having him show us the powerful search capability of the patented PowerOptions Search tool, I had Mike open up the Search By Symbol tool in the Married Put strategy to find a good position on GME.

GME Gamestop Corp. Buy to Open 200 @ $22.28
GMEME GME Jan 2010 25 PUT Buy to Open 2 @ $5.20
Bought shares of GME $22.28
BTO Jan 10 25 Put +$5.20
Total Investment $27.48
Guaranteed Return -$25.00
Total amount AT RISK $2.48 or 9.0%

Now, this is not a recommendation, and we want to be very clear on that. This is a virtual trade we are tracking in the RadioActive Trading Plain Vanilla Virtual Portfolio. The position does have a 9% risk, but by only virtually trading 200 shares the total risk is only about 0.5% of the total virtual value of the Plain Vanilla Portfolio. Let’s see what we can play with GME going forward…

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