How many trades can I expect in FISSION?

Depending on market conditions, we may be able to apply more Income Methods and enter more trades.  For example, in the middle of June, there were two trades made; one Income Method applied to a previous position and one new RPM was opened.  The week before that there were about 5 trades made, some that were Income Methods on existing positions and two new RPM’s were opened.

There are some months when we may not make a new trade or apply any Income Methods as the market conditions are not conducive to position entry or adjustment.

When a new RPM is opened, the at risk percentage will typically remain constant for a few days after we open a position, unless there is a sudden change in the stock price.  Many of our Fission subscribers have told us they got into an RPM with a lower maximum risk than Kurt gets – even if they entered the position a day or two after we sent out the trade details.

Depending on the type of Income Method, timing may be more important. For the money nets, such as Income Method #5 and #6, the premium you seek to receive for the spread may adjust fairly quickly…but, you can always place a limit order with your broker in case the credit between the position is achievable at a later date.

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