New Income Method in Plain Vanilla for Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL)

It appears AAPL has been moving up nicely, and I think that virtually selling the September 175 call to reduce the theoretical risk on this RPM…remember, for the Plain Vanilla portfolio we are only applying Income Method #1 to show some examples of how the the RadioActive Trading method works.

Since we are only using 1 Income Method I am not putting real money into these trades. I only put my real money into my Fission trades where I apply all 9 Income Methods (technically 10 with the newest updates to The Blueprint).

So here it is, let’s virtually sell the 175 September call for $2.55. 11 days to expiration, and a decent reduction in the virtual maximum risk for our Plain Vanilla AAPL position.

Join us on Thursday for our 12 noon Eastern Time webinar where we might show more updates to the Plain Vanilla portfolio, but more importantly, review some of the Income Methods and more recent trades.

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