What Internet Marketing and Stock & Option Investment Have in Common

I know what you’re thinking… Both the worlds of internet marketing and financial investment couldn’t be further from each other. But, you have to admit… I got your attention! And isn’t that really the game of internet marketing? Don’t the marketers want your attention… to buy something… especially the information that they sell?

Yes, they do.

If any of you work in or for a small business and have read https://www.salesforce.com/solutions/small-business-solutions/resources/small-business-marketing/, then you know that marketing of any sort, is necessary at all costs. You have to spend money to get the attention and to show your ideas and products and services to the folks in your target market who might buy them. You have to compel them to pay attention. You must show them that want or need to buy your product/service/information. So there’s a huge industry of folks who make money selling you ideas about how you can make money… by marketing your business/product/service. Just like there’s a huge industry of folks who make money selling you ideas and information about how to make money… by stock and option investing.

See how marketing DOES relate to investing? Buying marketing information to make more money from marketing is just like buying investment information to make more money from investing. Here’s the deal… the Internet is chocked full of investment education and guru’s, just like the marketing industry is. Way too many people want to sell you the “next greatest idea” for how to market your business or invest your money. So what? Who cares? Why would you read on from here? I just told you what you already know.

Here’s the important thing… you shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. You shouldn’t ignore all of the marketing tactics when you are trying to sell your products/services/information – just as you shouldn’t invest with a blind eye to the strategies and tactics that are out there. You will miss some good messages and real tactics if you close your jaded mind to all of the messages!

The fact is… there are plenty of unscrupulous investment product sellers just like there are plenty of fraudulent marketing tactic sellers. BUT… they’re not all fluff and empty promises. In fact, there are a few who sell products and education and tools that can really make a profound and meaningful difference to your success and effectiveness in both industries. You owe it to your self to separate the wheat from the chaff and learn the processes that will work. Learn the strategies that are proven to make money and avoid losses. Don’t buy into the hype and pomp that some gurus plaster to your email inbox. These gurus may not be evil… they just want to make a buck. They don’t intend for you to lose your investment capital… they just hope you last long enough to keep buying more of their products.

I honestly believe the tools, education and services offered at RadioActiveTrading are above all that. I think we provide better methods and more usable tools that lead you to the CORE principles that WILL make you a BETTER investor.

What we teach is PROVEN. It’s mathematically shown to work. We post our trades and track records. There’s no smoke and mirrors. It’s honest and upfront.

There are folks who want us to adjust what we teach and practice for their purposes… the problem is… then these core principles won’t work…. so we don’t do it.

We aren’t saying you can “get rich quick” – because you can’t.

We aren’t saying you can make “extraordinary returns like 3% to 6% per month” – because you can’t.

Please don’t listen or follow the investment pumps out there with their “binary options” crap.

Don’t think that there’s a quick and easy way to become an expert online investor – there isn’t.

The best thing you can do is keep your eyes, ears and common sense open to the messages… and discern for yourself what seems logical and feasible.

Can you GUARANTEE a very specific and limited and controlled maximum possible loss in a stock investment? Yes… you absolutely, 100% CAN. Should you?? Yes, you definitely should… otherwise too many losses will take you out of the investment world! There’s no GUARANTEED profits out there. But you can POSITION YOURSELF FOR PROFIT with a GUARANTEED LIMITED RISK. This works! This is proven mathematically and in real trading to work. No smoke and mirrors. No tricks. No magic potions or secrets.

Challenge yourself and your beliefs about what can realistically be done with your nest egg. You CAN learn what’s needed to grow your capital. You CAN invest your own money and stop paying money managers and advisors to do nothing for you.

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