Who Should Learn RadioActive Trading And Why!

Technical-Analysis-wont-do-much-to-improve-your-trading-300x200Who should learn the RadioActive Trading methods?

These lessons are NECESSARY if you are…

  • A self-directed stock trader
  • A self-directed covered calls trader
  • A lousy stock picker 🙂
  • Interested in adding another arrow into your quiver of stock investment methods
  • Tired of being burned by trading covered calls and having a bad stock pick permanently reduce your capital
  • Retired and cannot afford to lose capital and want to protect your nest egg

Why should you learn RadioActive Trading?

As an investor in the stock and options markets, you have these problems – whether you know it or not…

  • Some stocks go down! The downside is nearly unlimited with a bad stock pick
  • If your current trading method has NO risk management or BAD risk management – you will lose over time
  • Continued large stock losses will deplete your investment capital
  • You’ll suffer from “gambler’s ruin”/”the Martingale Principle” – as you lose money, you will have to seek higher and higher returns to make up for the losses
  • Traditional risk management ideas don’t work…
    • Stop loss limit orders aren’t a reliable way to get out at a certain price
    • You might get whipsawed when the stock dips and your stop loss gets you out then the stock comes right back up
    • You may have “exit rules”  but it takes an awful lot of will power and attention to make sure they are followed
    • You might diversify your portfolio but that won’t help your positions if there’s bad economic news or a market wide down-turn or bad International news
    • Fundamental and technical analysis of stocks isn’t enough to ensure that you won’t pick a stock that goes down
    • Trading on insider information is illegal and unreliable
  • Most investors over-leverage their trades and use BAD position sizing
  • You probably pay to insure your cars and your home and large assets but almost no one has insurance on their stock portfolio
  • Using covered calls to limit risk only buys you a couple dollars of downside protection, worse yet, it completely caps your upside potential

How can you solve these problems and become a more successful investor?

  • Add insurance to your stock positions and portfolio
  • Use a trading method or investment method that has “positive expectancy”
  • Use married puts…
    • Turn covered calls completely around 180 degrees so that the upside is UNlimited and the downside is limited
    • Benefit from worry-free stock ownership
    • Control your stock losses with a GUARANTEED contract that limits your loss potential
    • Better and more effective than stop loss limit orders
    • Trade income methods against your married put position to “pay down” the cost of insurance and increase your returns
    • Force an ideally sized trade for each position you enter
    • Your stocks have unlimited upside potential
    • Diversification is less an issue when each position is dollar-for-dollar insured

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