How RadioActiveTrading Works

“You Can Limit Risk ~ And Leave Your Upside Open!”

The RadioActive Trading Methodology, Simplified 

“How to start with Limited Risk… make even THAT risk go away… and end up with Income from BULLETPROOF Stocks in your Portfolio that STILL have Unlimited Growth Potential”

Greetings, friend!

If the above graphs and statements have captured your attention, read on. In this short webpage I’ll explain the simplest form of the RadioActive Profit Machine, and I’ll make available to you a remarkable FREE document called The Sketch.

The Sketch is a scaled-down version of a larger document I wrote in 2002, called The Blueprint. I think you’ll want to buy it eventually… but it’s not my intent to sell it to you here.

You can get The Sketch below (for FREE) and learn how to let your winning investments run while limiting the losing ones

What I do want to do is tell you about a way to STOP getting into TROUBLE in your stock and options trades… and start winning instead.

Strangely enough, my RadioActive Trading system has none of the things that most trading systems talk about. Fundamental analysis, interpreting charts, win/loss ratios…

…none of it ever even comes into play, as much as one simple thing that all the other systems out there are missing:

An ironclad way to stop losing money, and hang on to gains.

Think for just a moment here. Take a mental look back at all of your trading for the last twelve months.

“Are you happy with the results?”
Most folks that attend my twice-weekly
live webinars say “NO!”

Now think again. Whether you answered “Yes, I’m happy with my trading results”, or “No, are you kidding? I’m still reading, right?”… Let’s run the exercise again.

Except with this one difference: Think about ONLY your losses from last year.

Listen, because this is important. If you could go back in time, and adjust the LOSING trades… so that the ones you DID lose on… only lost 4-6%…

…but you could KEEP your winning trades…

…would you have answered differently?
Most of my clients say, “Yer durn tootin’!”

…that is, most folks know that if they had only been able to absolutely control losses in the bad trades to a small percent risk, but held on through the good trades, they would have had a much better year.

Almost everyone acknowledges that controlling losses to that degree would turn their trading world upside down. Which, IMHO, is rightside-UP.

(for those of you new to the internet, IMHO means in my humble opinion 😉

Because you’re still with me, and because the odds say that if you’ve been trading for any length of time, you can identify with the biggest problem in trading… I’m going to encapsulate not only the problem BUT ALSO THE SOLUTION on this page. Then, I’ll invite you to learn more about how there’s actually more than one solution, and how you can apply the one(s) that best fit you and your situation.

Folks that buy stock or that trade covered calls
don’t know whether their stock will go up or down.

They may leave too much on the table by selling covered calls, or WORSE… they may lose money if their stock goes against them.

Most people that have begun to trade options
have only one tool: the covered call.

This is usually learned in an overpriced weekend seminar that shows how to take a little income on stocks… but
downside risk is NOT addressed.

Some folks have gone a step further and learned to protect against losses by using put options.

Still others have learned a few ways to combine these first two tools and come up with a new one: they call it a “dynamic collar”, or “super-put”, or some such. But few have actually grown beyond these first two concepts: buy puts for an insurance policy and get a little income by selling covered calls.

WHAT IS POSSIBLE:Capital Preservation - Stock Trading Systems - Stock Market Trading System

Back in 2002, trader Kurt Frankenberg (that’s me!) began to apply to the market some proven principles he learned as a mixed martial arts coach. Rather than regurgitate the tired covered calls method, or a simple married put.. or even the “Adjustable Collar” that some option trading gurus are teaching…

…the RadioActive Trading approach uses TEN distinct, different adjustments to a married put position. Each “Income Method” is appropriate to a particular market, expectation, and the needs of the individual trader.

It’s like having ten different arrows in your quiver instead of one.

Very recently in a live seminar –

I asked the audience what limiting risk down to single digit amounts would have done for them in the previous year. After all, the market is rampant chaos… it has no order but the order that we bring to it… and in case the “flash crash” wasn’t enough of a wake-up call for you, a stop order just isn’t going to cut it.

One of the attendees raised his hand and said,

I cleared my throat. “Sir, do you mean to say that if you had known last year how to limit risk to, say, six percent… that you would be ahead by thirty thousand?”

“Not exactly,” he said. “I would have saved that much on just ONE bad trade last year.” The room fell silent. Then he chuckled. “WHERE were you THEN?” he asked.

I wish that I HAD been able to help this man save that much on a bad stock pick. If only he had attended my seminar sooner, he would have paid for it a hundred times over. Literally.

Here’s what’s different with the RadioActive approach. Once we learn how to limit risk, THEN it’s important to learn the ten different adjustments (or “Income Methods”) and apply them appropriately according to whatever market we find ourselves in. Each of these trades are done in light of what the market gives us, AFTER the fact.

Instead of trying to anticipate what the market has in store, we use various spread trades in a safe manner to capture the move AFTER the move happens. So much for trying to time the market!


Well, if it were me I’d find out more about the RadioActive Profit Machine, and at least two of the TEN Income Methods. You can do that by downloading The Sketch.

You can get The Sketch below (for FREE) and learn how to let your winning investments run while limiting the losing ones

I was once in a place just like you. Nearly ten years ago, after losing everything with a LOSING strategy … selling covered calls on margined stock… I was ready for something completely different. I had looked high and low for a way, once and for all, to actually practice that trader’s maxim: “Cut your losers short, let your winners RUN.”

I got some money together and put it back into the market. Only THIS time, I was determined to do everything backwards from what I had done before. For example, instead of selling a call, I bought a put. Instead of playing a near term option, I bought one waaaaay further out. It wasn’t out of the money, it was in the money. And no more of this buying stock on margin nonsense! By refusing to borrow, I was FORCED not to trade any more than I could afford.

Wanna know how that turned out?

Heh… that was 2002, when I first used a “married put” or “protective put” strategy to cap losses, but allow gains to run. AMZN was at $16.09 when I got ‘er… but over $60 a share long before my put expired.

I was hooked. I told my trading buddies about my discovery, how I was making great gains on YHOO, EBAY, AMZN as well… while insulating myself against losses whenever a stock went against me.

They all laughed.. at first.

“Kurt, you can’t make any money with a married put. You spend too much on the insurance policy to have any profit left!”

Wow, really? That’s too bad. But… my broker wasn’t lying about the wins. Or the fact that when a stock went against me, I never lost more than single digit percents. It’s almost like having 96% of my money left over when I had a bad trade was really handy when I put it into a new one.


See, along the way I learned some ASTOUNDING things about trading married puts. For example, your stock does not need to go to the moon before you begin to make a profit.

Take the “Five-Line Setup” for the RadioActive Profit Machine shown below:

Sept 14, 2010:
Buy 500 ALTR shares at $27.35
Buy 5 March 2011 $29 puts +$ 3.50
Total Invested $30.85
GUARANTEED by puts -$29.00
Total Amount AT RISK 1.85 or 6%

So let’s talk about that setup… The March puts seem EXPENSIVE, don’t they? Adding that cost to the stock is what gave all my broke trading buddies reason to laugh.

“Kurt, don’t you realize you CAN’T MAKE A DIME
before the stock goes up to $30.95??”

Wow. Well, first of all… because of some great adjustments that I’ve learned by tweaking and improving my system since 2002, I was able to make two plays that LOCKED IN a profit, long before I was ready to conclude this trade.

One I call the “Money Net”… a short term play that captured 133% MORE premium than a covered call. The other I call the “Bulletproof Vest”, a nifty little trick I discovered while trading EBAY in 2003… that made it so that I COULD NOT POSSIBLY LOSE… but the stock could continue to go up from there.

I did that just before ALTR had an earnings announcement. When I did the Money Net, ALTR was at $28.50. When I did the Bulletproof Vest, ALTR was at $29.40. And by that time, I had not only taken out ALL the risk… but had a guaranteed return of .75 cents per share no matter what the stock decided to do at earnings

What happened to my buddies that were laughing
and saying that I couldn’t make a DIME
until ALTR hit $30.95?

Here ALTR was at only $29.40 and already had a profit locked in. Hmmm… Well, many of them now own my book. Some of them
followed me into that trade as well 😉

Would you like the end of the story for this,
yet another winning RadioActive Trade?

While completely bulletproof… meaning that the position could not help but bring me .75 cents profit but COULD bring in more… I slept right through the earnings announcement (YAWN). There was no cause for concern because if ALTR crashed, I would be out with a .75 cent profit, but if it went up I would reap further rewards.

It went up.

The end of the story is this: With never, EVER more than 6% of the position AT RISK… and being BULLETPROOF (can’t lose ANYthing anymore) going in to the earnings announcement… I closed this bad boy with a six week, 12% return.

Now, let’s do the math. If you make dimes when you’re right and lose nickels when you’re wrong… you can actually do pretty well for yourself even if you pick winners less than half of the time!

Would you like to know the adjustment I did to the ALTR married put position, so you can learn how to be BULLETPROOF as well?

Thought so. Put in your name and email address below and I’ll send you The Sketch, a free white paper that teaches how to go from low risk… to NO risk.. to greater profits than if you had just settled for the meager returns a covered call trade can net you.

Thanks for stopping in. Get The Sketch. Happy Trading!

Kurt Frankenberg.

You can get The Sketch below (for FREE) and learn how to let your winning investments run while limiting the losing ones

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