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The Blueprint
Learn: How to limit your risk in any trade and how to keep your upside open so that you literally have no profit limits. Income Methods 1 through 10. “Bulletproof” your investments so there is no longer possibility of loss but still room to grow. Using Income Methods to augment your returns. The Blueprint is over 250 pages; detailing step by step how to set up an RPM (RadioActive Profit Machine) as well as TEN different ways to take out cash while the machine is running. The Blueprint is the seminal work for ALL of RadioActive Trading and is a “must-own” for anyone that is looking to limit their risks while at the same time positioning for outsized gains. The Blueprint is $339 plus shipping on the Products page.

FORT – Foundations Of RadioActive Trading
Foundations of RadioActive Trading will teach you how to build a FORTress for your investments. Beginning with the RPM setup, F.O.R.T. goes further with rules for portfolio management, asset allocation, and position sizing. Here are some of the contents: Money management… The “holy” GRAIL of Trading The 80/20 Rule… how RadioActive Traders “put” themselves in the top 20 Fun with Math… the Martingale Principle and how to beat it Skewed Risk/Reward and how to set it up What is the “Expectancy” of a Trading System? Why is it the key to profits? RadioActive Trading Principles: FIST – Force Ideal Sized Trades The ATM Bell Curve The REDLine How Much? The Portfolio Management Rules Introduction to the Income Methods …and more! $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

Income Methods BEGINNINGS
The IMB seminar includes how to set up a RadioActive Profit Machine properly so that the Income Methods can be performed as soon as possible… BULLETPROOFING your trade with Income Method #1… Using Income Method #2 in conjunction with other trades for a double or TRIPLE whammy… How much premium to expect… and when and how to close a short call… How Kurt has actually made a married put’s value go up by MORE than the stock itself… and how you can too… by using Income Methods #1 and #2. $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

Profits With Puts
The Profits with Puts CD emphasizes RadioActive Trading Income Methods #3 and #4… adjustments that you can make to a married put position to make it BULLETPROOF… So that it cannot lose any money but it can continue to grow. All throughout the Seminar we use both hypothetical and historical trades to demonstrate put adjustments… Income Methods #3 and #4… for bulletproofing your stock holdings. The successful trading strategies of both Members and RadioActive Trading Staff are featured. $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

The Money Nets
The ‘Money Nets’ allow RadioActive Traders to pull in income now, but still be able to capture extra upside potential as the stock increases in price! These unique ‘Money Nets’ take money OUT of a stock position without the problems of ‘Plain Vanilla’ covered calls. The ‘Money Nets’ are Income Methods #5 and #6 from The Blueprint. $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

Take AIM: Advanced Income Methods
Want to keep a winning trade in place, but want to take your money elsewhere? Income Method #7 still takes advantage of the REDLine and ATM Bell Curve principles of The Blueprint, but with much less capital. That means you can keep a winning trade going but put your money into a different one. Nice. There are two variations on Income Method #8, as well as advanced management techniques.

Ever wonder how Mike, Ernie and I have reported that we bought a stock… then it went DOWN… and came back only a little, but we MADE money instead of losing? You’ll definitely want to check out both variations on Income Method #9. Income Method #10 involves trading dividend-yielding stocks. BUT..! It’s important that you know how to find the best stocks and ETFs for your plays. The Take AIM: Advanced Income Methods seminar is 3 hours in length and includes archived, and open trades. $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

Combining Income Methods
This Seminar will expand your understanding of the chapter with the same name in The Blueprint. Using recent examples as well as archived trades and Member trades, we’ll show how the Income Methods can be COMBINED in dynamic ways to eliminate risk… leave the upside open… and milk your RadioActive Profit Machines for every bit of premium possible. You don’t have to own The Blueprint to get a lot of great trading strategies from this presentation, but it will help. We’ll be going IN DEPTH into the risk-reducing and return-enhancing Income Methods used in the RadioActive Trading methodology. $89 on the products page, shipping is included.

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