AAP Closed in Plain Vanilla

Well, the virtual protective put for the AAP Plain Vanilla position expired this month. Rather than attempt to maneuver the put for further protection, we will just let this virtual trade close out by exercising the put and selling to close the shares at $45.00.

After a few Income Method #1 positions the virtual risk on the position was reduced down to 0.1%. This just shows how we could have reduced the risk on the AAP trade to a very minimal amount with only using one Income Method…imagine what could have been done if this was a real Fission trade and we could have applied nine other Income Methods!

Look for more information on the Fission and Plain Vanilla trades in the Weekend Update that will soon be posted!

About Kurt Frankenberg

Kurt Frankenberg is an author and speaker about entrepreneurship, martial arts, and trading the stock and options markets. One of several "Biznesses" he founded as a teen, The Freedom School of Martial Arts, has been in continuous operation since 1986. Kurt lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Sabrina, German Shepherd Jovi, and his ninja cat Tabi.