If you can’t make it to the Webinars…

Hey gang, here’s an email I got from “Ed”, a follower of the RadioActive Trading site that can’t always take advantage of the free semi-weekly options trading instruction.

Ed wanted to attend a recent webinar in which we showed “Bulletproofing”. Bulletproofing is a process by which you LOWER the cost basis of your married put position to a price that’s under the put’s strike price. IN other words, you can’t lose. Yet you have all the advantages of unlimited upside potential!

Subscribers have seen me take a stock, bulletproof it, and then make double-digit returns while having no worries going into earnings announcements. Here’s Ed’s letter:

I’m very interested in your stock trading methods and would love to see the two webinars on bullet proofing your position. However, I am not able to watch the webinar as 1) it is during my work hours and 2) although I could adjust my lunch I can not download anything to be able to watch the webinar. Is there any way I can watch a copy of the webinar like I can watch other videos without having to download
anything?  (youtube, news,etc,)
Here’s what Ed it referring to: TODAY, in my twice-weekly webinar I showed two bulletproofing techniques that take income from a stock that you own… yet they leave you with an unlimited upside, something that selling covered calls cannot do.
Since Ed couldn’t make it, I decided to send him some archived stuff. You might like to take a look at these videos, and while you’re at it… send ’em around to others that you think would benefit. Who qualifies? Oh, just anyone that would like to know several ways to take money out of a stock while at the same time playing it for greater gains. Sound like anyone YOU know? 😉
Here was my reply:
Thanks for asking, Ed! Here are a couple of links:
A comparison of married puts versus covered calls:

Choose an Investment With Much Risk and Limited Upside Over One With Low Risk and UNlimited Upside? Who DOES that?

For an explanation of Income Method #3:

From Low Risk to NO RISK… and 16.23% Gain in Six Weeks

For an explanation of Income Method #4:

Bulletproofing Before an Earnings Announcement

To take income without risk from a stock that you’ve bulletproofed:
How to be BULLETPROOF… have UNlimited Upside Potential… and take INcome

My Favorite Way to Sleep at Night with BULLETPROOF Income Generators

Finally, my reply (part one… you can search and find parts two and three) to critics of married put trading and a general principle (the 80/20 rule) that shows the KIND of thinking that led to RadioActive Trading:

Taking on the CRITICS: Math, Properly Applied, does not Lie

Viva Pareto! The 80/20 Rule in Everyday Life

Thanks Ed! Hope you enjoy these vids. Just so you know, the CDs are presented in a similar “play-pause-rewind” format so you can go back and look at each of the Income Methods.

Happy Trading,

Okay gang! That’s the post for today. Hope you get a chance to take a gander at these videos. I don’t do much to promote ’em but have already had thousands of views. Maybe they can do you some good as well!

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