Revolutionary “NEW” Technique Turns Your Trading Right-Side UP!

Hey there Traders!

I want you to take a minute and look at the stock chart below:


Stock moves up, so does “RPM” Married Put. Stock moves DOWN… Put protects to single digit risk!


If you look closely at the above chart, you’ll note that I didn’t make as much money as someone playing just the stock as it went up. Awwww. BUT..! As the stock went down, I didn’t lose nearly as much as someone playing the stock either.

Chew on this for a second: IN both cases I set up Married Put trades that risked at maximum, 6% of the total amount invested. Once I won, once I lost… so…

  • Trading Record: 50% wins. Not exemplary.
  • Timing: LOUSY. Wrong once… lucky once.
  • Entry/Exit: Flawed. Don’t look at this kid as a ‘market prophet’..!
  • Bank Account: Now this part I like. It’s UP because I sorted out losers QUICK

When the stock went up, it went up 17.3%, and when it went down, it tanked by 21.8%. Anyone playing the stock only took a bath between those two plays. But..! I made money. The reason is that the Married Put (or Protective Put as it is sometimes called) limited my possible losses down to single digit percent levels. Between the two plays, nearly a thousand bucks was netted 🙂

So while stock players got hurt getting in for a 17.3% gain and getting out at a 21.8% loss during the same times I played it… I had a net PROFIT. Nearly a thousand bucks.

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of being wrong more often than right and STILL making money excites me.

‘Cause I’m NOT always right.

Hey gang, my name is Kurt Frankenberg, the ‘Champion of Married Puts’.


Kurt Frankenberg, the “Champion of Married Puts”


BTW, “Champion” is used in the context of “one that fights for another”… meaning the ‘champion’ of a cause.

In this business of options trading education, only passing acknowledgement is given to the one strategy that ACTUALLY PRACTICES the famous trader’s maxim: “Cut your losers short, let your winners run.”

Without egotism, let me state that NO ONE has written more passionately, more often, or discovered more ways to use a Married Put trade than this handsome fella above 😎 If you are looking to learn how to keep your risk down in the single digit range… and also be able to use Nested Spread Trades to take money OUT of your Married Put… without necessarily closing it…

Then you need to stay tuned to this channel.

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About Kurt Frankenberg

Kurt Frankenberg is an author and speaker about entrepreneurship, martial arts, and trading the stock and options markets. One of several "Biznesses" he founded as a teen, The Freedom School of Martial Arts, has been in continuous operation since 1986. Kurt lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Sabrina, German Shepherd Jovi, and his ninja cat Tabi.